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Role Playing Angel
11 October 1980

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User Number: 1253409
Date Created:08/13/2003
Number of Posts: 906

rpangel is a lively little creature who is oftentimes seen frolicking amongst one community or another. She is both opinionated and open minded and she is always available for her friends.
Strengths: Kind, loyal, witty, charming, friendly, easty to get along with, enjoys having fun, a huge flirt and often willing to move on the spur of the moment.
Weaknesses: Outspoken and easily amused (distracted) which oftentimes keeps her busy with too many things at once.
Special Skills: Munchkin-Bite-Fu, Wink Attack, and holder of the Cuteness Card.
Weapons: That Sword in the Movie that Cuts Off Heads and Fang Polish.
Motto: "I'm just me!"

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