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Hah! Teh dramaz ohnoes!

Da ebil ebil dramaz of wiping time after time on the same boss fights that we already know. It's silly, but people have a right to be upset. However some of the people that I see complaining are the ones who are messing up the most. Of course they want to blame it on the New Recruits like myself, and yes.. I messed up big time during Halion, stupid twilight cutter! But in all seriousness, people will always make a mistake here and there. It is human nature. Sometimes we can get around it, other times it becomes detrimental to the raid. I hath been amused! 

Break Time - RP Anyone?

So, is anyone out there RPin anywhere good these days? I guess I miss the beauty of role play.. I mean, I do have a new site to RP at but in all honesty, most of the players there suck. Though I am slowly recruiting the good players that I already know AND I am finding those that are already there who are good players. So yah, I figured I would come here and ask... Anything going on out there in the Role Playing community?


Halion I hate you!

Yah that's right, you heard me Mr Purple Dragon Mc Stuffy Pants! Did you NOT see that I was trying to mess with my rotation? Why oh why did you have to make me look like a douche in front of the Guild getting smacked with your twilight cutter? I mean come on!

No no but seriously. I've been asked to try and use my Missile Barrage more often, like pretty much whenever it procs rather than wait till it gets to 4 which means that it gets the max damage. I guess max damage isn't as good as constant damage spikes? Guess I'll find out. Maybe I need to find a better addon that is easier to notice so that I am not so caught up trying to find the next proc to use it asap. Ughs.

Sad Face

So, I just removed a few people from my friends list which kinda made me sad, but then there were those who didn't have me on their friends list any longer, that I simply could not remove. Like.. cloakedchaos for instance. I mean.. he and I were together for a very long time, so how do I get rid of someone like that? Meh, anyways.. yes it was a sad day to say goodbye to the people that removed me from their friends list and I can understand I guess.. since I wasn't around.. but yah, still sad.


Time to Raid

Yep that's right. It's raiding time. So recently two big things happened for me in World of Warcraft. The first was becoming a member of a Guild called Ascent over on the Arathor Server. The second is my mom starting to play WoW, which we are in or rather run a guild that is a bit of a lower speed guild called Got Flasks, Will Travel. So anyways, Tuesday's through Thursday's are like OMG so fucking hectic it's crazy. From 6pm till around Midnight sometimes a little later I am raiding. I first raid with Ascent which is what I am preparing to go do now, followed by raiding with Got Flasks, Will Travel. Though lucky for me I promoted someone up as a Raid Leader last night so now I don't have to lead the raids, I also gave the title of GM to someone else so now I am only the Co GM, soooo things there are going better.

Sooo here I go again.

It seems I am good at disappearing after a short while of posting, but man oh man.. do you realize that I have been a Live Journal member since 2003? Well anyways lets see what I can update you all about now.

I have joined the facebook crowd! Can you believe it? I can't. If you want my facebook let me know and I'll post it up. Hehe. Anyways... whats next. Oh yes...

I have gotten BACK into role playing in a Digital Chat environment. I play at Immortal Vigiliance however I have found another place that I am checking out that it seems a lot of the old NinRPG crew have gone to as well as the players from WoD back on the Webchat Broadcasting System.

Yes, I WILL be going to Blizzcon again this year, so if anyone is going to be there let me know. And as usual I will log in and post up my thoughts and what not about the con! 

Hmmm what else. Oh I am jobless, but currently working on going back to school.. and this time, it's going to be for Culinary Arts! Patisserie and Baking will be my specialty of course because well yum.. who can go wrong with Pie?

So, shout out time... Anyone from my old RP days still around?

Oh I have stopped making avatars. I lost ALL of my stuff, I had to do a complete computer reformat so I lost like everything and well I can't seem to get any of it back. *Le Sigh* I don't even have the links to some of the avatar sites that I used to go to.. I'll try finding em though. Meh, anyways... it's time for me to try and sleep. Recently I was sick so my schedule is so wonky right now. Ughs.

Blizzcon 09 Review

Okay so, I landed on Wednesday and well everything on Wednesday went well. I spent time with my friend who works at Blizzard, I got to eat good food, take pictures holding Frostmorne, and then it was off to Apryl's house. However, this is where things started going bad. So I spend my money on a good breakfast for both Apryl and myself, and then the rest of the money on sandwich materials. I go to pick up my ticket, have to be dropped off because she cant affoard to park, then I called her when done and she fell asleep in the car, so I had to find stuff to do for like three hours. Then that night its bed time so then Friday we get up, her check didn't arrive, its lookin like I don't get to go to Con. I missed the opening ceremony and was late by like 3 hours to Con but thats fine, I got there, spent the majority of the day alone, Apryl finally found someone to buy a ticket from. So then Saturday, we are late, again... This time, we get there 2 hours late. Either way, it was an okay Con, coulda been better.

Cataclysm. .... I have mixed feelings on.

Starcraft 2 - OMG I cant wait till it is out.

Diablo 3 - I didn't get to try it *Pouts*

The new MMO - No info released yet...

Saturday Night a party at the Hilton, it was great, had a lot of fun! LOTS OF FUN.

Sunday... Sick, Monday... Sick... Yep I got sick at Con, along with a lot of other people that I know. So then Tuesday its time to go home... I am not even going to get into the other things that made this trip difficult, all I know is I got to see my friend, I got to go to Con, so no matter how rough it was, I had a good vacation.


I Love My Captain

Yes... That is Captain Mal!


Crack Up I SWEAR!

Wow I found this on a friends journal and just cracked the fuck up!

Blizzcon 09

Okay so, having gone to Blizzcon 06, 07 and missed 08 I am happy to be going to 09. I should be heading off tomorrow afternoon to hang with a friend then dropped off at the air port then wait around for two hours before heading off to OC! Once in Orange County I will be hanging out a lot with Apryl who I met at hat second blizzcon in 07, along with a couple other special people who sadly wont be there this year, and of course I will be seeing Ray a long time friend. Anyways I am looking forward to this, even though I am hating that I am not going to be able to make avs, or role play but meh Ill be okay Im sure.